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  • What is your method of payment?
    We accept checks and cards. A deposit is required in most cases; arrangements are made on a percentage. The total payment is due at completion of each project. In the event that your project is never executed; you will be reimbursed by 100%
  • Can I request an insurance certificate from you?
    Yes, you may. If you decide to hire us; we can issue an insurance certificate with your name on it, if you need one; we will fax it or hand it to you personally. In addition, we are also bonded, you may ask for proof.
  • Do I get any sort of Warranty on your products or service?
    Yes. All our works are guaranteed for certain period of time, other materials such as plants or grass have limited guaranty. All products are guaranteed according to manufacturers or supplier. For example: a new irrigation timer comes with a full year warranty.
  • How long will it take to complete my landscaping project?
    AEach project is different, it depends on its size, materials availability, and weather conditions. Smaller projects usually take from one to three business days. Once we start your project we won't stop until it is completed.
  • How soon can you come out to give us a Free Estimate?
    Normally we can come out to see you within 48 hours from the time you call us. However, if we are in the middle of a project, you may have to wait when we are available.
  • Can I order any extra work from Juarez Landscaping?
    Yes, you may request extra work not stipulated in the original agreement. Any extra work must be requested in writing. If the extra work is very minimal there will be no additional charge if it requires more materials or time you will be charge accordingly.
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